Your financial return for
saving our planet.

LIBER is a trading platform for carbon credits

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Carbon pricing has come to the forefront of policy measures seen as ways to reduce emissions to a level consistent with the Paris Agreement target of less than 1.5-2 degrees Celsius of warming. A higher price for carbon is seen as essential to fund the transition to net zero emissions by 2050, which is estimated to cost $44 trillion or 2%-3% of annual global GDP

Demand for Carbon Credits
at an all time high

EU Carbon Permits increased 46.40 EUR or 141.81% since the beginning of 2021

Establishing a low carbon economy is a key task for our society


Projects Worldwide

900m tCO2

EUA traded weekly

$ 50 billion

by 2030


price increase
since 2021

Drive climate action and earn rewards.

The global carbon market could significantly reduce the world's carbon emissions and deliver significant financial returns.
We believe all people should have access to a market that is driving change on the planet we all live on.

Introducing LIBER

We only accept emissions reductions
from reputable carbon markets

...more to come

Introducing LIBER

We're on a mission
to make the fast growing carbon credit market work
for all people.

Invest with impact

Gain access to frontier negative emissions technology. We have partnered with the best carbon removal developers and the latest negative emission technology.

Organize your portfolio

Choose from a broad network of nature-based, human-engineered and carbon-avoidance solutions that bring together vetted carbon-offset developers and the latest negative emissions technology.

Invest with context

We only accept certified, third-party verified emissions reductions from reputable projects.

Seamless investment experience

We guide and do not control. We nudge users into balanced portfolios with smart visiualizations as well as project recommendations.

Our commitment

Climate Action
doesn’t need to be

Technology has brought unprecedented access to the stock market and emerging opportunities like crypto. But it isn't just financial circumstances that keep people out of the market. The bigger barrier is the access. With LIBER, retail investors can participate in the fast growing carbon market. One platform for climate action and financial return.